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Recently I have found a project that is almost equivalent in purpose and function to the original design goals of Recombinet for distributed storage and digital currency. It is called MaidSafe, started in 2006. I started this project without any awareness of that project in 2012. The sourcecode is available for their project here. I encourage you to support them.

Seems Recombinet ideas are catching on with educational institutions and companies:
Magic Leap Ripped Off Those Awesome UI Concepts
Google Actually Seems to Have a Plan for VR
Reimagining education | Michael Bodekaer @ TEDxCERN
~ The Home of Recombinant Networking ~
Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules are DNA sequences that result from aids (molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources,

from ""

Scalar, fractaline, recombinant networking:
To build topologically decentralized, distributed, encrypted microcosmic arrays of self-similar node-clusters in the form of a Mesh network that is capable of operating independently-- above, around, behind, inside and on top of the current Internet...

... A whimsical fantasy ride into the unknown! ...
(or simply a network by the "elves", for the "elves"
... Wait a minute! ... Shhh! ... It's clandestine! ...
... Oops! ...
... A humorously, paradoxically, playfully puzzling, enigmatic, cryptographic network ...
...A whiteHole of sentient communication, liberation, and unity ... An opening for a hive of wise, intelligent minds to gather and bee! ...
... The bees shall find lasting honey here. Built to rescue friends and family from the Matrix agents and wake them up from the strange goo pool of deprivation that they are were born into. Pirate broadcast from Elfoscope Ship in redPill reality. Doing the best to get people unplugged. Consider this the epilogue to the Matrix trilogy..

Possibility, potentiality, probability, and predictability all intrigue the intelligent mind. Anyone interested in exploring in any of these in their extremes is welcome to join the team. Let us ponder together on these matters. Let us learn together to find the resolution to the global crisis.

... To develop a fully non-profit motivated "Internet" Design ...

All Software for Recombinet Will Be GPLed

The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0).

The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish (freedom 1).
Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor (freedom 2).

The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes.
Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

Recombinet : Recombiac : FutureNet : Virtual Reality / Experience Space


No chipping of humans in the body. No putting implants of any sort in body or spine or hand or forehead. No putting anything inside a human body or defiling a tabernacle of flesh with RFID or any identifier on a bodily or spiritual level. No requirement of participating in any future society.

Time Dilation : The ability to control the experience of time in virtual space relative to the physical universe.
This is similar to the principle at work while dreaming-- one can experience compressed time or having the experience of going through hours to years of experience while dreaming-- while in the waking world it takes place in a matter of minutes to hours.

Preservation of Creative Works over Infinite Time :
The ability to maintain a database / catalogue of all of the publicly accessible works of humanity as well as experience space information voluntarily uploaded to the network.

Simulation of Quanta : The ability to simulate physical atoms and structures and interactions as they happen in the physical phenomenal world in the VR/Experience space. This would help people to make it so that they can see what the results of an action / reaction will be before ever taking the experiment into the physical, phenomenal world. Saves millions of hours of labor and prevents unneeded use of natural resources in the physical world.

Simulation of DNA : Simulation of organisms and life itself within the VR/Experience space.

Simulation of Sensory Streams Including Tastes and Smells as well as Previously Inconceived / New Senses / Mental or Consciousness Function : Self explanatory.

Body Encapsulation Unit : Takes care of all bodily needs while one is sojourning / voyaging in the VR/Experience space.

Full Body Telepresence : The ability to project one's virtual form virtually anywhere in the known cosmos and in the VR/Experience space world.

Artificial Intelligence : The guidance mechanism that routinely monitors biofeedback and responds to user input as to the meta levels of experience and controls what happens within them if the user unexpectedly does something that creates irregular biofeedback.

Ability Store / Remove Memories and Retrieve Them : To be able to upload consciousness/memories to the computer at will and retrieve / replay them at will.

The Ability of the Computer Unit to Create Physical Human Bodies and Upload Consciousness to Them
If something should happen to one's material body, the computer units will be able to recreate an individual if they choose to re-enter the world through a human birth. This may or may not take place in an artificial womb.

Neural Interface without Physical Connection to Body : Unlike the Matrix, there will be no jack into the back of the neck of an individual or unseemly mechanical interconnects attached to the human body.

All Based around Discovery and All Working Together in Harmony : The values and morals of the future people will operate in connectivity and awareness of free will and respect for all life.

Cultural Exchange and Diplomacy : The original foundation for this net will be centred around connecting people on a global level and strive to resolve misunderstandings between all people. There will be instantaneous, accurate language translation for all people to be able to understand any other person by whatever means possible.

Social Nets All over Earth : Just as social networking is popular today, people will be able to share / keep private information and content with all other people. People will have access to true, lasting free association with any individual, anywhere.

3-D Supercomputing, All over Earth Making One Huge System : Eventually the technology will be able to simulate entire worlds, galaxies and star systems. People will be able to figure out how to space-travel with through remote probes that send back real-time information in and on distant galaxies.

Freedom from Disease, Poverty, Hunger/Famine, War, Distress : With this new technology everyone will be able to resolve all physical needs and issues with a majority of one's life in interactions within the VR/Experience space. This will free up natural resources and allow humans to master genetic engineering through carrying forth simulations instead of horrific manipulation of real organisms.

Ultimately Sustainable Forever - The system will, in the background learn how to optimize all elements of it's own maintenance, power sources and the needs of all of living humanity.

World Wide VR Operating System : In the initial phases of designing this system, everyone will connect using Recombinet to create the world's largest cluster/decentralized/distributed computing unit. A like concept of relational information within the system : Scale of the

Huge Amalgamations of Many That Had Passed Before :
The VR/Experience space, coupled with AI will create a personality representation of already departed humans from all content available within the information space. There will be a huge crystal of AI personalities in cohorts and communications with one another.

Limitless Creativity : With computers we can easily reproduce something in synthetic/artificial reality and duplicate objects in this world to 3D objects in the VR/Experience space. This means that if you have a guitar, the computer can digitize it and make it so that object can be shared with others, saving man hours and labour to produce or copy actual physical objects. Eliminate time and cost of production, give time for creativity and productivity for all.

Experience in VR/Experience Space Translates to Physical Universe : If you learn how to play a guitar in the VR/Experience space, you can take that knowledge, skill, awareness and motor coordination with you into your live, physical body, and mind.

Personality Individual Profiles Made by Each User Determines Experiential Libraries : Requires user to authorize which dimensions of the VR space they are open to and will like to connect.

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand

God Damn the Queen and Imprison the Banksters!

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