> Clandestine Line

In response to the Free Software Foundation's High Priority Software Projects request, "Free Software Replacement for Skype" we have launched a subsidiary project named Clandestine Line. It will be GPLed. We prefer monolithic application development, inclusive of many features, but not to the point of losing usability or confusing/alienating end users. If you are interested in helping to develop this application, feel free to join the IRC (SSL-only) and then join the channel #clandestineline

Clandestine Line

- Encrypted with Curve25519 + NTRU Tunnels
- OTR/ZRTP Encryption Module for second layer of security.
- Has ability to collaboratively author and share abstractions of ideas, flowcharting, diagrams, code, schematics, abstract modeling, images, 3D/CAD, VNC-like sessions while having multiple video/voice/text communications present on or off the screen. EtherPad-like collaborative document authoring with being able to see multiple video feeds present at the same time on the screen. Like SkypeCasts (which up to hundreds of people were able to voice at the same time, except with optional video.conferencing.)
- During a video conference with multiple parties, enable/disable audio/video feeds.
- Text, Video and Voice
- Translation Engine (more on this soon)
- Automatic transcription (good for deaf people to be able to see what other people are speaking)
- espeak integration to speak to somebody or obfuscate speech from being traced to it's originator (good for a blind person to be able to hear what other people are typing.)
- Optional anonymity through P2P relays.

All Information is Either Hidden or Revealed by Each Individual Entity

Allow for:
Backward Compatibility