> Operating System

We need a new operating system that offers new features:

Organized naming standards for API functions and base software.
i.e. the names reflect the functions of the API/Base software.
Perfect Backwards Compatibility with any version of the operating system.
Overlays that enable the use of applications from other operating systems.
Self Organizing File System + Content / Structure Based Querying
Built In Programming Language that enables the person to change the system code while the OS is running with crash protection

Universal GNU Operating System
Self Optimizing File System to make things easliy searchable

GNU/Linux seems to be a wonderful operating system as it stands, that has a very decent amount of hardware support. It is highly portable and capable of doing simple and complex tasks in varieties of ways.

My proposal is to make a truly standard base operating system that can be ported to practically any device architecture and has all features of anonymity, integrity, privacy, security, and connectivity present.

Allow for:
Backwards Compatibility
Good Naming Conventions
i.e. Software Binaries Have Names Relating to Purpose and Function

Optimized to Peform in Decentralized, Distributed Environments
Speech to Text (Reverse Transcription)
Text to Speech
Self Organizing File System (Overlay) to optimize content to be indexed through a decentralized search feature Organize File System
To be able to create self-organizing file systems with rule based interface that enables one to tag directories and or specific files for use with the rule set. (Physical (hdd directory structure) / Abstract Placement, Generation and Destruction of Virtual Objects) for local and remote nodes.
i.e. 'hashtags' with files and various other data objects.
Strong cryptographic Implementations and Cipher Suites
Powerful Search Engine (Capability)
Elective (Popular) Selective (Specified)
Search Across All Compatible Protocols
Works with the organization system.
Stream Sharing (Through and with Cryptographic Interface)
Terminal/Screen Sharing (View Only)
Terminal/Screen Sharing (Controllable)
Virtual Computer Sharing
Has ability to collaboratively author and share abstractions of ideas, flowcharting, diagrams, abstract modeling, screens, images
Translation Engine for different languages
Automatic transcription (good for deaf people to be able to see what other people are speaking)
espeak integration to speak to somebody or obfuscate speech from being traced to it's orginator (good for a blind person to be able to hear what other people are typing.)
Ability to Use Devices and Parts of Devices in Federated Manner
3D Visualization Capabilities
Allow for a custom sandboxed virtual computer to be created between two users/computers that allows both users to manipulate objects within it whereby they can exchange information, interactively manipulate objects within it, and run software together.
Device Sharing over Distances
2D/3D World with Avatars or Observation

Voluntary profiling and polling of information and statistics to divulge to trusted parties.