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The Noah's Ark of Technology :: Faraday Boxes

The Noah's Ark of Technology

How to prevent your tech from being EMPed in the event of pseudonuclear disasters or extreme solar flares.

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This is a cheap solution to protect all your years of data, be it on VHS, tape cassettes, hard drives, cameras, computers, phones, etc. Just investing a small amount of cash and a couple of hours of work into creating one of these is well worth it. It can protect years of family video, downloaded files and digitized information. You need approximately $50 to create a decent sized Faraday box. In order for a Faraday box to work it MUST HAVE A GROUND. In this example we use a water pipe for the ground. This is the most convenient solution if you don't want a cable going through your house door outside into the ground. The other thing is that you cannot have the aluminum inside the box touching or close to electronics inside the box.

List (Buy more as needed.)

Large Box(es) (Can get refrigerator box from packing store if you want to protect all of your technology.)
Several Rolls of Highest / Industrial Grade / Strongest Aluminum Foil
Several Rolls of Packing Tape : Clear Is Preferable.
An AC extension cord you won't mind destroying. (long enough from where you want to put the box to a sink or pipe system that is grounded
A (water) Pipe that is grounded properly i.e. the water pipe in a bathroom or kitchen.
Rubber Gloves
Wire Cutter/Stripper


The process is fairly simple.
1. Tape aluminum foil around most of the box and make sure there is contact between the flaps and pieces but NOT inside the box. Look at the examples in the bottom portion of this site.
2. Cut the extension cable. with scissors. vertically in half a few inches at either end. Proceed to pull the cable apart. Now you have two cables that can be used instead of just one-- you can use the second cable if you want to make more than one Faraday box.
3. Strip the cable on both ends so that about an inch (2.5 centimeters) of wire is exposed on either end.
4. Twist the ends up with your rubber gloves on so you are less likely to cut yourself.
5. Tape a stripped end of the cable anywhere on any part of the aluminum foil on the box.
6. Tie the other end of this cable around the water pipe that is to be used for a ground. Make sure the stripped wire maintains actual contact with the pipe unlike the picture in the example below which is to merely show where it is. Tape the other stripped end of the wire to the pipe.
7. Tape the wire to the floor so other people won't break it while walking around the house. You can also put cardboard and or doormats on top of the wire to prevent people from dislodging it from it's contact.
8. Ensure that there is full contact surrounding the entire box by placing an aluminum sheet on top of the division of the flaps on the top of the box.
You're done! Anything you place in the box should be safe from an electromagnetic pulse. Ensure that the box is always closed completely, and that all the pieces are in contact.
You are now done! Anything you place in the box should now be safe from an electromagnetic pulse! Thanks for your interest.

Warning: You CAN'T have anything plugged into the wall in while being in the box. All equipment must be unplugged and unattached to any external (electrical/conductive) contact.)

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