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Reasons for Creating New Internet-like Network:

We are now able to coordinate efforts across vast distances and with a greater amount of people than ever before. Let us use technology to liberate, serve and save mankind.

Cyber-stalking is automatically prevented by the anonymizing feature of the network. Protects your children, puts an end to the bogus trend of passing over broad child safety laws that enable monitoring of communications. Coupled with awareness and information on how to teach children how to remain anonymous and keep personal information off the network, it is a flawless approach to protecting children from cyber stalkers and abductors.

IPv6(66) enables people to be able to get the MAC address of phones and other devices connected to a network. A perverted teacher at a school could nefariously track your son or daughter's android phone (GPS?) location through various means, even if your son or daughter's cell phone roamed on the WiFi network at the school.

Right to host content:
The goal: replace the abilities of governments and companies to track, trace and interfere with content and connectivity. Allow users and nodes to have equal access rights, so that businesses to individuals can all host full duplex (upload and download) equally. Have restrictions placed upon certain types of abuse such as DDoS and SPAM. Make it hard for any agency or government such as China's to break the encryption on the network. Restore privacy to the new internet. No controlling who can access the network, just kill the exploitation and abuse while framing technology. No using IPv6 (IPv666) which by default includes MAC addresses of devices connected. This is a breach on individual privacy. Hackers, stalkers, agents, or governments can more easily track individual users if they sign on using an IP that includes the MAC which uniquely identifies your device forever (a highly specific hexadecimal number that gives info of who made the device and what sort the device is.) It is an evil that needs to be addressed. IPv4 routing discards MAC addresses at the first router hop.

General idea: everything encrypted, everything anonymous, except what any node or 'user' on the net sets to be otherwise

Cryptographers, programmers, network engineers, and other IT professionals are welcome. Right now I am a one-person-show. I need the help of others to initiate the design of this new integrated network. Feel free to share these ideas with any company or party you find might be able to deploy even small parts of the specified ideas. It's not about money, it's about securing an ideal for the future of our communications and privacy of content, innovation, invention, and thought. Also included are freedom of expression, communication, spirituality, and association.

If interested in participating in the development of such a network along with accompanying technology (hard+soft), please contact web site administrator!

recombinant nodes, mixing and matching in a decentralized fashion, according to purpose and reason for connecting-- file server, web server, etc through an encrypted matrix of sorts.

Picture a giant GNU/linux cluster supercomputer, where every individual connected to the whole network gets equal access rights, yet their identity and connection information remains encrypted and anonymous (can be randomly generated) except in the instance where they choose to reveal it or portions of their information, and can search through any data that the other users on the computer decided to open for sharing over varieties of protocols. The data shared is completely open for all to interact with and connect to. A super-search engine runs on every node connected to the cluster. Every part of the cluster can control it's individual features and share bandwidth, CPU, memory, and hard disk space allocated in order to generate a user-nodes-worth-value (people get paid a special digital currency for contributing to and using the network, that can be exchanged, shared or given to other users in an encrypted fashion like bitCoin) and grows as one contributes to the growth and development of this GNU/Linux supercomputer cluster (in direct proportion to shared use of their device.)

Data contained within the network and stored will be redundantly stored throughout the network in varieties of ways. Files will be hosted over multiple hosts in a decentralized fashion. If important/popular content is torrentized, that popular content will be easy to observe.. as seeds/peers will reflect how popular content is within the network. A CRC will be able to scan through and make sure that the entire file is available like BitTorrent. An encrypted search engine that is able to search through multiple protocols. DNS records within the network will exist in an encrypted fashion, but will work like normal when accessed through a browser. A user-created means of sharing personal information like facebook, where the user has control over what information is seen or not seen but those who connect to it can only interact with it temporarily and then it is deleted by the special application's parameters, not a company. Obviously, some of the information can be written down, but there will be no proof that it truly belongs to any real individual.

We live in a world where everything has been done so wrong for so long, it's hard to find a means to a valid 'solution' to 'problems' contained within the network of our evolution. Recently the species has reached the level where communication across vast distances is a possibility, and now according to the United Nations a fundamental right. Even though this is possible it has fallen subject to monetary, business/corporate and governmental monopolies (if not as individual entities as ideas and rulers.) Strange I wrote monopolices while typing monopo-lies! We need to develop a new network schematic that is as empowering to the individual user as companies. Each node connected to the network should maintain the same access 'privileges' or more perfectly stated RIGHT as any other node-- to the extent of maximum bandwidth capacities without the need to pay money for it. This network should not remain subject to the laws of any nation or corporation-- but be for the people by the people. Consider for a moment that we are paying for signals that are constantly beamed through our bodies in more than one way. We are unaware of the long term consequences of certain vibrations, Cell phone carriers should be paying us to use their services, not us them. Let us make good use of decentralized, community run and maintained networks that link up into other meshes and hierarchies of other connected devices. No (one) individual should be held accountable for the content and traffic that shall go through this network.

With the success and proven track record of BitTorrent in the case of distributed transfer of data across the internet, we have a model to base this new network structure upon. With the current empowerment of personal computers and software platforms that run on these computers, this new network will prove to be easy to create and maybe even fun! Everyone needs to have access to free-flowing content, just as creatures in the ocean need access to free-flowing water in order to survive. Information and knowledge are power in this information and technology rich world. Everyone should be able to speak and communicate whatever they want, wherever they are, and with whomsoever they wish without third parties and oppressive government regimes slaying them in various ways for their blog entries and personal opinions. What the internet truly needs is anonymity per the user, no matter what the cost. We need to re-engineer the systems that have been used to obfuscate, conceal, omit, and intentionally censor free information exchange to their opposite. Individual users should be able to deploy whatever content they want regardless of current legislation by certain countries without restriction, of faith in the good will of humanity. Internet should no longer just mean a profitable platform for deploying business and paid services. It should mean that every person has a voice and access to connectivity - this to be fully appreciated and valued.

As for computer crime-- it is written in the Tao te Ching : If you overvalue possessions, people begin to steal.. The companies and copyright holders are the ones that have violated the universal law of altruism by claiming ownership instead of contribution to humanity. It's time to put an end to copyrights as they exist today. I.e. if I say anything and it is heard by others there are no laws that prohibit people from telling others what I said (even verbatim.) If only we could sue any party who records telephone calls or watches our internet connections (copying our transmissions verbatim) what we write or share on the internet for copyright infringement! Who makes the most money out of these laws? Lawyers. Lengthy legal procedures ensue every time that an intellectual property claim occurs. Limit laws of theft to that of the material realm i.e. material possessions. We should put an end to imprisoning and criminally charging people for victim-less crimes (no loss to physical possessions or physical harm.) These media whore houses like Disney, the MPAA, RIAA and their like all deserve to have no more business because they stand against the RIGHT to free speech in favor of transient monetary gain. These companies are the modern drug dealers of methods to pacify the public while the government passes totalitarian legislation. Let us develop free alternatives to corporate and government tyranny. Time to expose them for what they are-- greedy and selfish power and money lovers. They do not stand for innovation, but suppression of anyone who can outsmart their digital restrictions. Money should no longer be the metric of 'success' in an intelligent civilization. Uniqueness, intelligence and good character is more valuable than gold.

Every law creates a new criminal. We should act wisely when employing laws to govern others. The golden rule applies most to those on the top of a pyramid in society. A pyramid is constructed and each foundational level is placed down brick by brick. The bottom portions of the pyramid support the upper. Should the upper portion of the pyramid attack the lower parts, the whole structure will collapse, and hence, the top will become the bottom. As wise Jesus said, the greatest shall be the least and the least shall be the greatest. Those that seek to be first shall find themselves last. Those that seek to be last, will be vast. Their humble position, prostrated on the bottom, is in service and the sustenance of the others above.

Anyone accumulating enough wealth for an extended period of time will only find lasting joy and fulfillment in sharing that wealth, either unto charities, their children, family, friends, and-or worthy business investments. Where else can one make best use of monetary resources? From generation to generation, wealth magnetizes within families, corporate entities, and nations. Why can't wealth be accumulated unto the whole of humanity? Because there are always private interests and investments involved. We, as a species need to create a means of saving the most valuable content of mankind's creations in an ever increasing library of collective sharing. If there should ever be a vast array of natural disasters, or nuclear catastrophe, we need a means of preserving the collective efforts of humankind. This cause is similar to part of the military purpose for creating the internet. What is at stake is greater than the interests of any one government, individual, or corporation. Closed systems are subject to the second law of thermodynamics, or entropy, according to physics. Self interest will never prevail. Only collective open (systems) flows of sharing and abundant connectivity can prevail and prosper for and in future generations.

"Everything Is a Remix"
Youtube Video

The more use somebody gets out of something, the more inclined they are to continue using it. As for books, the publishers lose no money if the people seek to get a physical copy of the book sought. Physical books are more popular than electronic versions. People enjoy holding them in their hands, flipping the pages. It is a tedious process for an individual to print out an entire book. As for movies, they become exceedingly cheap the year after they are released. People pay for the enjoyment of getting to see the movie in a theater when they first come out. The DVDs in the stores are more decked out than any DVD-R. DVD encoding and burning is yet another a lengthy process, and is prone to many errors and takes more time than it does to buy, rent, or watch a movie on Cable TV. As for television shows, recording devices have made them more popular, receiving more attention and advertising. More people watch TV because of recording devices. (Under this model: what you pay for is: support, updates, manuals, packaging -- all of these encourage expansion and innovation) As for software, people most likely want to try the software out to see if it does what they like without restrictions. The people downloading lots of copied software either lack the resources to buy a copy, want to try the software out to see if the unhindered copy will perform to their specifications and needs, and most likely wouldn't purchase one anyways-- this poses no real threat to the author's income. It's good advertising to have your name out there, and it probably encourages those with a conscience to purchase a valid copy. Most of the so called free proprietary software is crippled similar to the shareware that came out after the SPA infected the software business.

Digitized copies are to be freely shared.

The only copying activity that is to be outlawed is the exchange of an unauthorized copy for money.

"The 8 Billion Dollar iPod"
Youtube Video

Overall, it is good that people copy content against current regulations for the mere fact that it will lower the prices of already overpriced goods and services. It encourages competition for the next innovation, rather than getting caught on the one just attained. I estimate that the economy is either slightly to greatly prospered by so called infringement or only very minutely hurt by any said illicit copying. (far less than the billions of dollars estimates projected by law enforcement agencies and misinformation by the recording and motion picture industries) In other words, the said reports and damages by these entities are in fact, lies. There is no accurate metric to discern whether or not there have been any losses to the authors of content. If there are losses, it is unto the distributors who in most cases take more than what they give to the authors of content. Such companies do not deserve our business anyways, at least on a moral level. Money is a 'limited' resource, and it eventually has to escape the hands of those who have it, including potentially evil enterprises. At that time it recirculates back into the circuit of transactions in the world. We need to redesign not only our communications infrastructure, but our economic infrastructure as well, and change the incentives that we offer people who create innovative works.

Each individual in society is to strive for independence from the mass consciousness and to expand towards attainment of their highest ideals without interference or law-based limitation from governments and institutions. Righteousness is nothing more than RIGHT-use-ness. Right use cannot be determined by law, but by each individual. Right use should not be up to the greedy but for those lofty people who are in the world but not of the world. If I buy a physical object, I can do with it whatever I like, provided I do not use it in such a way so as to harm another living being intentionally. It's important to have an expansive metric of use for any other type of acquisition in the course of one's life. Data, knowledge and information may be a more righteous inheritance than physical objects themselves-- for the objects are just a means to an end. The method and function is more important than the end result-- any coder will tell you this. We want to do it right the first time in process, so we don't have to do it again.

It's no mystery that one man sows, another man reaps... In mutual interaction, both the giver and receiver reap something of value. It's clear that it is through law of sharing that culture can attain the highest peaks. There should be no law that works against the natural law of sharing. It's absurd as if one says a mother cannot feed her child because her parents (or society) exclaim it's morally wrong for they own the 'genetic blueprint' to her body and have the say over whether or not she can share her vital fluids. Laws don't necessarily coincide with reality for they are conjured by the mind of man. As Tim Leary put it, any reality is an opinion. Now say there is such a thing as reincarnation... Say you are an artist, but when you are born back into culture, some company is busy 'owning' the copyright to your music. You won't have access to something that you deposited into the inheritance of mankind. I know I want an internet that doesn't just speak of innovation but becomes innovation itself. I want my children to grow up understanding the internet is a safe place to express one's opinions and ideas without their peers or family interfering or intervening without restriction and/or limitation. I desire that they grow up knowing that the internet is a playground for the expansion of new ideas and creative sharing-- A place where every user is valued equally-- the exact opposite of censorship and restriction.

Publicity and transparency for the government, privacy for the people... Let not the vices of a few destroy virtue for and of the many. Every internet design is subject to abuse and we should not censor these things-- as in the case of prohibition, the negativity gets out of control and turns into criminal and potentially violent enterprises. Even now since the advent of ad-blocking software, the advertisements since then have been more violent in propagation and proliferation. Giving and receiving is the basis of all interactions. Communication on a fundamental level is closeness or intimacy (in idea or proximity to understanding), such as sex. Sexual energy when denied or rejected maintains a tendency to become violent in it's propagation. Let the righteous become more righteous and the wicked become more wicked. Let everything follow it's natural course.

Progressive, expansive and dynamic flow is the way to go. We are to enforce the idea of free as in freedom for copying and transmitting information on this new network-- that proprietary designs are obsolete and no longer valid. Breaking out of the infantile ideas of ownership, replacing them with a collective sharing according to need... nurturing the spirit of cooperation, we can all together resolve the issues facing mankind-- that in order to stabilize economically we may have to learn to share with and forgive the debts of others to receive such forgiveness for ourselves. Transparency of government, technology and business enterprises need to be addressed if our civilization is to progress into a golden age of free information, where reasonable infrastructure and public welfare services can be manifest on a global level.

What is censorship? To have power over what kinds of speech can be spoken and cannot be spoken. To have power over who can speak and who cannot. It is a very dangerous power-- and almost every oppressive, intolerant political and military dictator / regime has used it and have used various means to kill and suppress dissidents.

First and foremost, technology that connects one to this distributed web should remain either free (without price and or restriction) or be of reasonable price in whatever country it is to be deployed. Implementations of protocols should be easy for end users to interact with and deploy, yet as hard as possible for computers to attempt to decipher or crack.

We need to develop an alternative distributed internet infrastructure that is self-reliant, independent from the current internet with traffic that is sent through privately hosted, dynamically linking DNSes and create alternative services free from the watching and prying eye of ISPs without the limitations of bandwidth caps, throttling, etc. Modern technology allows for this transition. WiFi networks that can host and connect and route through homes allow for user-hosted and generated content and services. If enough people connect through an alternative internet service, the current one will finally have competition and thus level the playing field of connectivity services.

Let us create an collaborative effort for the amelioration of the issues found on the current internet and migrate to a freer, safer, richer networking experience (environment.) These types of technologies will evolve if invoked into the structures of towns and small communities and provide a reasonable incentive for internet service providers to unlimit (remove bandwidth use capping and throttling entirely), increase and expand their technologies and services infrastructures. We need to be able to communicate in the ways that our current internet provides for, and maybe even more effectively, especially in the event the backbones of the internet ever go down.

Every lie requires 50 lies to support it. Every 50 lies require 2,500 lies to support them. Every 2,500 lies require 125,000... Onward. The media giants can't support all the lies out there. They have been attempting to lobby against free communication that provides for an alternative. People realize the media constantly supports lies. The citizens are learning that they can connect with an interactive network where their opinions can be expressed, shared and maybe even valued. They are effectively turning on, tuning into new streams of media, and then dropping out from mainstream media. Our culture and society have evolved from lies upon built upon lies. Lies are as disease in the body of mankind. We need to act as an immune system to respond to the imbalance of diseased cells with enlightened immune cells. It is unwise to react to these diseased cells, for it is a waste of our energy, and it strengthens the disease cells. We need to find a way of working around them, finding out their source, then, finally surrounding, enveloping and then suffocating the source with proliferation of truth.

Excerpt from the Tao te Ching Chapter 53:
When rich speculators prosper
While farmers lose their land;
when government officials spend money
on weapons instead of cures;
when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible
while the poor have nowhere to turn-
all this is robbery and chaos.
It is not in keeping with the Tao.

Surveillance is a weapon, Recombinet is the cure!
Pharmaceuticals are not cures, but a plague! Trillions of dollars go to pharmaceutical companies that become the legalized drug dealer of our days, pushing medications that haven't been tested as extensively as even illegal drugs. Many if not all of these medications are experimental at best and have terrible side effects that people will get another medication to have these side effects subside. Some of these chemicals are as addictive as crack cocaine or heroin. They push methamphetamine-like (dextero-amphetamine or Adder-all) substances onto our youth to make them more attentive, and productive. It is not uncommon to find a person who takes readily 4-5 medications a day. Mental disorders are created because of the nature of our society and the demands placed upon children in the educational system, stress, along with the various toxins and poisons that are found to be acceptable in this world. We treat the symptoms, not the cause. This will lead to further destruction and desolation, thereof. If you don't find out why people are sick and are busy hiding the reasons, treating merely the symptoms, the whole disease intensifies. The same type of a solution to chaos that creates more chaos is the ideology and mentality pushed by companies and governments and applied underneath and behind almost every transaction in the current economic and political system of mankind.

To be able to classify a person as sub-human is another deadly fault of our current medical establishment. The label of disabled, or worse mentally incompetent can be a severe hindrance on the path to being heard, and personally empowered. Of course there are severe cases of this, yet people generally can make their own decisions for better or worse. It's best not to trust in the currently established authorities and experts. Look within and listen to your body. Eat healthy. Get good exercise. These can be accomplished by becoming informed.

With all of these major companies stealing people's personal information for various reasons, very personal medical information may even be leaked to the public. It is important to be able to create truly secure connections between network nodes. The one thing left out of the new IP standards is true anonymity. We need to take back from the government, what they stole from us: PRIVACY. One day you receive an email about how you bought medicine at the store, and an advertisement for an additional supplement is sent to your email address based upon your past purchase. Weird phenomena like this can occur (businesses aware of your previous buying habits online and off start marketing to you based upon data they obtained through or as a third party.) With current integration of internet and phone technologies, you might receive far more phone calls from unwanted companies and organizations. If we don't eliminate the abilities of snoops to read our personal and private transmissions online, events like these would be fairly (more) commonplace and you would feel violated in a sense. Corporate advertising already is wildly intrusive and invasive enough.

Gathered From Tractates Cryptica Scriptura :
"The Empire is the institution, the codification, of derangement; it is insane and imposes its insanity on us by violence, since its nature is a violent one."

"To fight the Empire is to be infected by its derangement. This is a paradox: whoever defeats a segment of the Empire becomes the Empire; it proliferates like a virus, imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes its enemies." - VALIS, Philip K. Dick

We don't need a government to look out for our safety. We are more than capable of self-governing in all affairs, provided we arm our populace with military weaponry and teach them how to defend the commonwealth. The 9/11 incidents would not take place if everyone on the plane had a knife. The terrorists would easily be taken down by others who could throw knives or stab the terrorists. We actually should not only allow weapons like knives on planes, but encourage the carrying of all non-projectile personal self-defense weapons on planes. What happens in the event the police are too late to show up? Or that our military is in a foreign country fighting a futile, purposeless war? You can't ever trust in anyone else to defend you. Every person, gather weapons unto yourself. Gather provisions unto you and your own as you will, as well. Have grain and guns. Grow food, wherever possible. Share provisions, seeds, and survival knowledge with the locals. Populate the earth with edible plants abundantly. Get involved in teaching and training boy or girl scouts self-defense. It's time to become self-provisioning. Work on making backup communications infrastructures. Connect with your neighbors. Learn how to be a true neighbor again.

Excerpt from the Tao te Ching Chapter 3:
If you over-esteem great men, people become powerless.

The people have become powerless because not only are we taught to over-esteem great political leaders, but also great minds and spiritual teachers of the past. I.e. Formulating opinions based upon upbringing such as: spiritual master so and so is great, but I will never be able to get to that most excellent height. Einstein's genius can never be attained by a normal person like myself. Each one of us is a potential spiritual master, an expert philosopher and a physicist waiting to be, if we will simply apply foundational wisdom and knowledge in our every day lives. The only difference between them and you or I is how awake or asleep we are at the steering wheel of life.

Current government and authoritative structures are bent on extending their base of power and financing. They are experts at lying, manipulative media, psychological engineering and propaganda. They are experts at contaminating water (with fluoride+more) and exploiting and stealing natural resources. They are experts at poisoning and genetically engineering foods. Both corporations and governments have allowed industrial waste products to not only be put into our soft drinks, but have advertised them as safe. Aspartame is known now to cause ninety plus terrible, evil side effects-- culminating in death, They cannot have mortal power without agreeance, dependence and obedience. To be civil is to be disobedient and non-conformist. They have programmed us to remain asleep in a dormant, dependent, confused, ignorant, impotent state where we feel a need to give up our independence. Our nation was and is formed by people who chose to be independent from the Founding Fathers, onwards...

The current establishment does all in it's power to kill our higher sense of self and deaden our material senses by various means. They inject us with vaccines filled with chemicals that we cannot test or verify as to what it is they put into our bodily systems from birth. Some research suggests that some vaccinations can cause autism. All the substances that can actually help people are called illegal. The two worst substances for mankind, alcohol and tobacco have become legal, yet people using them die and kill more people than firearms. We live in a culture that glorifies death, even to the point of paying for it. They treat us as though we cannot wipe our own rears. We are to begin to disobey and rebel against current establishments in order to assert a sense of empowerment, self and identity independent from their social structure and hierarchical manipulation. They dumb us down with cultural and media dependence. Tactics such as artificial scarcity are abused to force the economy to sway at the whim of the bankers. Credit cards are used where it's all 1s and a lot of 0s in a computer system. They create false abstractions about what something is worth, so we are not involved with handling actual wealth. It's okay to have money as long as it isn't actual precious metal. If you own so much gold, you're considered a terrorist. The whole greed complex will one day, inevitably collapse. How can we best combat ignorance? With enlightenment and information, of course!

We can create this network for freedom and liberty. We will now possess the power to expose corporate and government corruption without fear of reprisal. Every citizen needs to be informed. I implore of you to tune in, turn on and drop out of the patterns and habits of the current society. We need to form new, lasting relationships with groups of friends and family that can survive beyond the scope of a police state or world war. How do we preserve the inheritance of our families.. Family trees, fond memories, photos, videos, etc? Store them in a digital form and keep them in a digital locker. If anything goes bad with the distribution of gas, food, and or other basic necessities, how shall our legacy continue? Right now we can generate a wiki family tree of all of our past ancestors for at least the past 300 years. In the event of nation wise disease, famine, pestilence, and natural disasters, will anything of our lineage continue to touch the hearts, minds and souls of embodied humanity? I know not. To increase the chances and opportunities, I feel the need to grow networks of redundantly shared content. You may think it is not relevant and has no meaning, yet if you examine how much energy, time and effort you and your ancestors and family have put forth into the preservation of a worthy future inheritence-- you will put forth your all to preserve it.

Excerpt from Tao te Ching Chapter 30
Whoever relies on the Tao in governing men
doesn't try to force issues
or defeat enemies by force of arms.
For every force there is a counter-force.
Violence, even well intentioned,
always rebounds upon oneself.

I do not recommend fighting against any government, but by peacefully resisting, and enlightening others, we can oppose legislation that is not set forth in our own best interest. In the event of a collapse of a government system, we need to be able to provide for ourselves if possible. We also need to have information stored in as many locations as possible to guarantee the preservation of the works and volumes of mankind, now that it is a feasible option, regardless of current laws of shortsighted governments.

Tao te Ching Chapter 31
Weapons are the tools of violence;
all decent men detest them.

Weapons are the tools of fear;
a decent man will avoid them
except in the direst necessity
and, if compelled, will use them
only with the utmost restraint.
Peace is his highest value.
If the peace has been shattered,
how can he be content?
His enemies are not demons,
but human beings like himself.
He doesn't wish them personal harm.
Nor does he rejoice in victory.
How could he rejoice in victory
and delight in the slaughter of men?

He enters a battle gravely,
with sorrow and with great compassion,
as if he were attending a funeral.

Intelligent people like to have access to new content. Any intelligent person can see that the copyright laws of today are bullshit and they are completely useless. The current copyright legislation performs operations opposite of their original intention and purpose: innovation. It is a mockery to any intelligent person's mind that a law should be used against it's purpose for existence. Intelligent people are most likely the ones that will be charged with copyright infringement. Almost any download on the internet can constitute an offense. As in Nazi Germany, the 'secret police or NSA/FBI', now a days can use a law to financially cripple anyone who, even, with one copyright infringement, be charged $150,000, approximately the cost of a small house or condominium-- more than 10 years of rent. To download an album with 10 songs is $1,500,000 according to the $8 billion dollar iPod video (see above.) This is cruel, unusual and excessive punishment. With surveillance and monitoring capabilities, any government can find and harm, kill, or detain anyone who harbors a desire to know more than the blind masses. For hosting what others find to be 'objectionable' or 'infringing' content, one might be held for who knows how long and or have their entire digitized life stolen and revoked by such a privacy invading regime.

People can be targeted, property can be confiscated all in the name of laws that were supposed to support innovation. In the United States with enough violations of people's human rights and property, the states will begin to secede from the union. With Internet Service Providers ready to accuse people of infringement just because they have an open WiFi network where other people connect and download content, they will lose customers quickly... People will be more inclined to disconnect from the internet, and start their own community based intranet networks. With fear based laws generated to deal with non-existent terrorists, the government has accumulated enough surveillance power to monitor every internet connection on the internet in a years time. Look up Stellar Wind on a search engine of your choice. It's a facility that not only monitors communications on the internet, but is said to be able to store all communications transmitted in an entire year. When you see them, they see you. When they see you, do you see them? We are to show them we do not fear them, but that we will persevere over this oppressive atmosphere with a cheerful demeanor.

By the way, the NSA lies about their capabilities. If I remember correctly, I caught wind of the following. They might be able to crack a 256-bit key in under 3 minutes with just one highly specified chip since about 2003 or 2004. If people feel they are being watched, they do not feel free to be themselves openly. They may even feel threatened, paranoid, and inwardly constrained. Extroverts may act differently. Nevertheless, monitoring of people's internet activities that did nothing threatening should be a crime against humanity. It thrusts a person into the mode of feeling that they are being forced to act a certain way against their will. Fearful of revolutionary discourse, some may restrain hostile speech, and in its stead act out violence more readily. It's important to address everyone's concerns as our own and recognize that each of us is a cell in one body. Does the heart try to rule over the brain? Can the brain rule over the heart without it messing up the beating and function of the heart?

If interested in participating in the development of such a network along with accompanying technology (hard+soft), please contact web site administrator! Cryptographers, programmers, network engineers, and other IT professionals are welcome. Right now I am a one-person-show. I need the help of others to initiate the design of this new integrated network. Feel free to share these ideas with any company or party you find might be able to deploy even small parts of the specified ideas. It's not about money, it's about securing an ideal for the future of our communications and privacy of content, invention, and thought. Also included are freedom of expression, communication, spirituality, and association.

Together, we can build technology that makes the faces of the employees of government agencies across the earth, paradoxically, become enigmatically puzzleFucked! Thank you for hearing. Hope this has been enlightening and informative. Got a question? Raise your eyebrow and feel free to ask. Until next time, live long and prosper!

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Relevant Excerpts from the Tao te Ching
All excerpts on this site are from this translation by S. Mitchell

Tao te Ching : Chapter 57
If you want to be a great leader,
you must learn to follow the Tao.
Stop trying to control.
Let go of fixed plans and concepts,
and the world will govern itself.

The more prohibitions you have,
the less virtuous people will be.
The more weapons you have,
the less secure people will be.
The more subsidies you have,
the less self-reliant people will be.

Therefore the Master says:
I let go of the law,
and people become honest.
I let go of economics,
and people become prosperous.
I let go of religion,
and people become serene.
I let go of all desire for the common good,
and the good becomes common as grass.

Tao te Ching : Chapter 58
If a country is governed with tolerance,
the people are comfortable and honest.
If a country is governed with repression,
the people are depressed and crafty.
When the will to power is in charge,
the higher the ideals, the lower the results.
Try to make people happy,
and you lay the groundwork for misery.
Try to make people moral,
and you lay the groundwork for vice.

Thus the Master is content
to serve as an example
and not to impose her will.
She is pointed, but doesn't pierce.
Straightforward, but supple.
Radiant, but easy on the eyes.

Tao te Ching : Chapter 59
For governing a country well
there is nothing better than moderation.

The mark of a moderate man
is freedom from his own ideas.
Tolerant like the sky,
all-pervading like sunlight,
firm like a mountain,
supple like a tree in the wind,
he has no destination in view
and makes use of anything
life happens to bring his way.

Nothing is impossible for him.
Because he has let go,
he can care for the people's welfare
as a mother cares for her child.

Tao te Ching : Chapter 60
Governing a large country
is like frying a small fish.
You spoil it with too much poking.

Center your country in the Tao
and evil will have no power.
Not that it isn't there,
but you'll be able to step out of its way.

Give evil nothing to oppose
and it will disappear by itself.

Tao te Ching : Chapter 61
When a country obtains great power,
it becomes like the sea:
all streams run downward into it.
The more powerful it grows,
the greater the need for humility.
Humility means trusting the Tao,
thus never needing to be defensive.

A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.

If a nation is centered in the Tao,
if it nourishes its own people
and doesn't meddle in the affairs of others,
it will be a light to all nations in the world.

When they lose their sense of awe,
people turn to religion.
When they no longer trust themselves,
they begin to depend upon authority.

Therefore the Master steps back
so that people won't be confused.
He teaches without a teaching,
so that people will have nothing to learn.

Tao te Ching : Chapter 17
When the Master governs, the people
are hardly aware that he exists.
Next best is a leader who is loved.
Next, one who is feared.
The worst is one who is despised.

If you don't trust the people,
you make them untrustworthy.

The Master doesn't talk, he acts.
When his work is done,
the people say, "Amazing:
we did it, all by ourselves!"