Solve the Opiate and Heroine Crisis

Ibogaine treatment has been proven very effective. (Ibogaine shouldn't be schedule 1) because it has helped people recover with a low recidivism rate from various narcotic addictions, crack, meth, pcp, heroine, and cigarettes, etc.

Perhaps people can figure out a way to remove the addictive properties from opiates and heroine and maintain the pain killing effects. There are many opiod receptors in the brain and perhaps synthetic extractions and mixing of chemicals can be used to keep the pain killing effect with the removal of addictive qualities. Kappa opiod and delta opiod receptors are two that I have heard of. Perhaps the receptor sites and chemistries that activate them can be isolated and figured out to prevent lifelong addictions and treatment processes and DEATH!

Cannabis and various cannabanoids have helped people manage pain. There are many cannabanoids and receptor sites in the brain that take them. Maybe a mixture of ibogaine related chemistries, cannabanoids, and modified opiods can give a person an instant fix to end all cravings for more fixes saving the life of the individual that takes them. It's time that the war on drugs ends, because it just looks like this: DEA confiscates lots of drugs, distributes, them gets the money, arrests people, then gets the drugs and money and uses them again to ensnare more people into the prison industrial complex. CIA imports more drugs (heroine and opioids from Afghanistan and funds big pharma and wars), increases government profits and prison profits, creates more addicts, manipulates them with the Mossad to spread more drug use. We need an end to the war on drugs and the open door to using chemistries in a righteous way to solve human problems.

People have always liked to alter their states of consciousness via various avenues throughout all the generations. Coffee? America gets the runs from Dunkins. Think about it. Anyhow caffeine and other drugs are still there. Weed isn't the gateway drug. A culture that sucks and tells people they can't do anything without govenrment approval is the gateway to people looking for rebelious avenues to experience, albeit temporary personal freedom. LSD became a crusade. We need research into these so called illegal chemistries and use them in a more creative way that can be adopted by a future culture that will use all things righteously.

What happened to the culture of seeking openmindedness and purity, and consciousness expansion in the 60s? Have we shrunk our consciousness with a culture of big pharma and shrinks in pharmacology and a govenrment that profits from saying drugs are illegal? I am sure the solutions to the problems are close at hand. We need more people outside of restrictive governments to figure out how to make the best use of 'currently illegal' chemistries generationally.